1) Do you have a THE LOGGOS size guide?
Yes! Check it out Here

2) I am in love with an item but it is out of stock, What can i do?
Send us an email at and we will try to handle it!


1) How do i unsubscribe from your emails and newsletter?
At the bottom of our emails there is an unsubscribe button. Also you can send us an email to with your Name and Email that you subscribe and we will unsubscribe as soon as possible!

2) What should i do if i have forgot my password? 
 a) Go to account page, Press "Forgot your Password?" and follow the instructions. After that will be sent you an email to reset your password

(If the first doens't work)

b) Send us an email to with the Name and your Email that you subscribe and we will inform you for the reset informations

3) Is my personal information secure on your website?
Your personal inforormation is absolutaly secure on our website! For further informations read our Privacy Policy

4) Can i delete my account?
Yes. Send us an email to with your name and your email that you subsribe and will delete your account as soon as possible!